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Instructions for taking the measurements

Instructions for taking body measurements

An exact measurements will help you choose the right size basing on the tables of standard sizes. If you have a silhouette that does not fit the table, the measurement will allow us to make a tailor-made product. Accurate measurements are extremely important as for us as for the customer. Clothing is sewn from many parts: front, back, yoke, sleeves, collar, legs, hip belt etc. When ordering from us, you are be sure that each of them will be tailored specifically for You.


General instructions:

  1. Never take measurments by yourself! Always ask somebody to help you. Taking measurements alone is the most common cause of errors.
  2. Put on clothes that fit your figure. If possible, wear only underwear. Take off your shoes. Empty your pockets.
  3. Stand slightly apart, take a straight yet relaxed posture. Arms along the body.
  4. Use a tailors tape or any other flexible tape. The free tape from Ikea is good enough, make sure you take two though. If you don't have the cloth measuring tape, you can use a piece of non-stretchy string or fabric. Simply mark where your measurements fall on the string and then measure that length with a metal measuring tape, ruler or other item of known measurement
  5. Place the tape close to the body. Do never add any „slack” – that is tailor’s task! You prefer slim-fit overall, or you might want to wear dew layers underneath?  Write down any comments in the 13th point and trust our experience!
  6. You may attach a picture of your body. It will help the tailor in verifying your measurements.
  7. We come from Poland, where metric system is beeing used. Convert your measurements into centimeters.


  1. Height
    Stand with your back against a door frame. Mark the top of your head on the frame, measure the distance from the marked point to the ground.

  2. Neck circumference
    Take the measurement at the base of the neck..

  3. Width of the shoulders
    Measure across the back from the corner of one shoulder to the corner of the other shoulder. In order to find measuring points: stand straight, find with a finger the end of the collarbone, put the finger between the collarbone and arm bone Usually, a well suited top will have a seam junction at those points.

  4. Chest 
    Guide the tape just under the armpitsaround the fullest part of the chest or bust. Start and finish at back slightly up.

  5. Abdominal / waist 
    Men – horizontally, at widest circumference of the belly. Usually around the navel’s level
    Women – quite tight around the thinest circumference of the waist.

  6. Trouser's belt
    Measure the circumference where you wear the belt.
  7. Hips
    Around the hips through the largest bulge of the buttocks.

  8. Bicep
    Measure from around the fullest part of the biceps. Arms loose!
  9. Tight
    Measure around the widest part of tight.

  10. Body circumference
    From the center of the right shoulder through the front of the body, close to the navel, pointing the tape measure towards the groin, between the legs, go to the back of the body, through the right buttock towards the point where the measurement begins. A very important measurement for sewing the overall. You may take left-side measurement as well, preferably both.
  11. Arm lenght
    1. Straight
      Keep your arms loose along the body, inner-hands facing each other. Measure from the base of the neck through the elbow, finishing at outer ankle of the wrist (which should be facing backward).
    2. Bent at 90 degrees angle
      Hand facing inward. Measure from the base of the neck through the elbow, finishing at outer ankle of the wrist (which should be facing downward).
  12. Inner leg lenght
    Take the measurment from the groin to the ankle at the foot.
    Any comments or uncertainities you have had during the measurements write down here.

 Schemes of measurement's lines

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